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Walker County DWI Lawyer

Occupational Driver’s License Attorney in Walker County, Texas

After a DWI conviction in Walker County, Texas, a driver may seek an occupational driver’s license so he/she can continue to drive for specific and limited purposes. This restricted license can only be successfully received after obtaining a court order and does not give a driver permission to drive a commercial vehicle.

Walker County DWI attorney Douglas W. Atkinson can help you get a Walker County occupational driver’s license. Because he is a skilled attorney, Doug Atkinson understands exactly what is needed in order to petition to the court and get the court order which will grant your restricted license. After petitioning the court, a hearing will be held in front of a judge. At this hearing, attorney Atkinson can provide the information that the judge will want to see to issue the court order.

Restricted Licenses in Walker County, Texas

There are several requirements which must be met in order to successfully obtain an occupational driver’s license (restricted license) in Walker County, Texas. You or your lawyer must provide the Texas Department of Public Safety with: a certified copy of both your petition to the court and the court order, payment of fees associated with reinstating your license, and a certificate of insurance (SR-22 form).

Once issued, an occupational driver’s license will give one limited driving privileges to:

  • Drive for occupational purposes (but not a commercial vehicle)
  • Drive for educational purposes
  • Driver in order to carry out essential household duties (such as grocery shopping)

Defending Walker County DWI Charges

If you are interested in finding out how DWI attorney Doug Atkinson can help you apply for and obtain an occupational driver’s license, we recommend that you contact our firm as soon as possible. It costs nothing to meet with defense lawyer Doug Atkinson for an initial consultation, and we also offer a number of payment plans to fit your particular budgeting needs.

Obtaining a restricted license will mean that you can drive again – to and from work and school and to run household errands. DWI defense lawyer Doug Atkinson has the experience and knowledge to help.

Interested in obtaining an occupational driver’s license after getting a DWI in Walker County? Contact Walker County DWI lawyer Douglas W. Atkinson today!

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